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Is FOOD Consuming YOU?

Do you want to be totally free of food concerns, to know just what to do to handle emotional, physical, or mental stress or pain, and be able to live your life wholeheartedly in your unique body? For many of us, even if other areas of our life are going well, that can seem like the impossible dream! 


Greetings!  I'm Coach Susie Casserd

What I've discovered, though, is a reliable Way through the maze, especially for people like me who have tried repeatedly and "failed." Let me show you how!


OUR PHILOSOPHY of EASE around food: 

~ the best solutions are simultaneously bodymind & soul-nourishing, food inclusive, animal-respectful, and planet extra-friendly~
~ allowing ourselves to align with our own natural pace and our values leads to meaningful learning, growth, and transformation~
 ~ being part of a conscious community helping to heal each other brings deep satisfaction, even for those who have felt alone and isolated~
~ everything is connected, every being matters, and every difficulty carries with it a beautiful and profound purpose tailored just for you~


Do you know what's driving your food challenges or eating disorder? You'll be surprised at the answer!  Find out in my FREE guide, REthink Weight Loss.  

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Receiving personal attention through individual or group coaching with Susie, provides a safe and protected space for going deeper into self-understanding, purpose and joy.

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Enjoy a conversation with Coach Susie to find out how our individual and group coaching programs work and the right next step for you by scheduling a free, no-obligation Discovery Call.

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Online Support Group

Get going right away by checking out our weekly emotional eating resolution group, "The Big Table," a food issues discussion and learning group for everyone over eighteen.  We are dedicated to supporting each other through any food challenges with the option of gently transitioning to a plant-dominant, anti-inflammatory, climate-friendly and nourishing lifestyle.

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Premiere Coaching

Connect with Coach Susie privately in 55-minute coaching sessions, scheduled on Zoom or phone at your convenience.  This is a great choice for people who are committed to their healing and want to address personal and specific topics in their life.

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 The DOC Journey Coaching

This groundbreaking and science-backed course offered by Dr. David Hanscom specifically addresses chronic physical pain.  Get 1:1 personal support with Coach Susie for help implementing any part of the DOC Journey.  Start with a free Discovery Call, then consider continuing with Premiere Coaching. 

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EATING Disorders 

Coach Susie's personal journey to wellness began with a so-called impossible drive to fully resolve her 25 years of living with several different eating disorders.  It has now been 25 years free, and she has much to say about it!  If you would like her to speak to your group, or simply to you, please schedule a free Discovery Call.

*If you are in intense distress right now, call or text 988, The Suicide & Crisis Hotline OPEN 24/7 for free and confidential counseling.

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Do you dream of resolving your food challenges?

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"Let us make a thoughtful, food-inclusive transition to non-toxic, non-inflammatory eating, in harmony with Nature, protecting our health, the animals, and the future of life on planet Earth."  ~ Susan A. Casserd